As club owners know, offering an orientation and a free fitness assessment to new members is a sure-fire way to keep members more interested in their physical fitness. is a web-based tool that holds all standardized test results in one central location. It provides your trainers with consistent means of measuring member's fitness level. This allows trainers to be better equipped at selling training packages when armed with all the necessary information about the member. The results are stored under your club login and can be accessed by any trainer. In the event that a trainer leaves and the member continues working with a new trainer, all assessment information is saved under member profile. Members will also be sent monthly emails, alerting them when it is time to reassess their fitness level. This allows the trainer to check on their improvements, providing more face-time with the member and another chance to gain them as a client. is the perfect tool for increasing personal training sessions and maintaining club membership.

Prices start at $79.95 a month.

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